Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fix Your XBOX with the Towel Fix or get a XBOX video guide - You decide.

Since the problem is due to overheating, the towel method will only work for another 15 minutes or so. Therefore you will get the same problem again and likely to get frustrated(I got frustrated after the 3rd attempt). This method also damages the xbox and can potentially cause long term problems. I highly recommend fixing it yourself as it only took about an hour to repair and has worked great for my friends as well. I'm a newbie to opening the xbox and therefore provided a tutorial below to help you(and to give you an idea how easy it is). The guide however provides a more user friendly, step by step instructions on how to fix your xbox 360 from beginning to finish.

Happy gaming and good luck. =)

Bake it?

Or Fix It Yourself?


Modesto said...

My XBOX is finally fixed!! thanks for the recommendation!!

Stylezz said...

I was just about to throw out my 360- till I saw this!!! Wheeew - glad I didn't!! Now it works and was quite simple to fix(lengthy instructions - but simple)!! THANKS!!!!! :p